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Rainmaker Associates, LLC

Rainmaker Associates, LLC

Rainmaker Associates, LLC is dedicated to helping your company grow through lead generation leveraging decades of experience establishing profitable relationships at the executive level. Just as Native Americans would dance to bring rain for their crops, my firm acts as a rainmaker with an exceptional ability to bring in new sales opportunities that further grow your pipeline and result in new dollars that improve the bottom line.

My associates and I are well-connected in the financial services vertical, with extensive relationships in the RIA, Broker/Dealer, Banking and Asset Manager spaces. We bring you qualified prospects every week that are handed off to your sales team for follow up and closing. We have a broad knowledge of many wealth management software solutions and an excellent understanding of the overall financial services industry.

In addition, as a result of our efforts over the years we have curated a database of over 5,500 RIAs that includes contact information; generally, that of the CEO or Head of Operations. If your sales team is looking for prospective clients in this space and need additional leads then this database file is an excellent place to start at a small fraction of the cost of other dynamically-updated online databases. For more information about this RIA database, click on the button below.